Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The past week has been crazy busy as expected.  It is Christmas and that means a lot of running around.  Now we are in between and waiting for New Years.

Weather is supposed to be pretty nice the next 2 days so I am going to ride to work and get my last 2 commutes of 2010 in.  That will give me 82 commutes for the year and quite possibly if I ride Friday and Saturday 7000 miles for the year.

I doubt I will ever hit 7000 miles again riding in a year but it would be a nice round number to remember 2010 by.  Maybe next year I will shoot for 8000 miles just like Crazy Dave shot for 100 Centuries and made it this past year!

I hope you have a great holiday season and a blessed 2011.  One year closer to retirement ;)

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  1. Now that has got me thinking, what would be a good goal for 2011. :-)