Monday, September 26, 2011

80 Mile Ellicottville Sunday Ride

The forecast Sunday was a beautiful one.  So I rode to church and then headed South to Ellicottville for some Pan Pizza and bike riding.

The Valley Home
  It was a non-fun headwind all the way to Ellicottville.  Zapped my energy pretty quickly so I kept munching on clif-shots, zone bars, and other goodies I had in my bento bag that provides super easy access.  I was dreaming of pan pizza the closer I got to Ellicottville and I knew my ride home would be pretty smooth with the tail wind that was promised by battling head winds all the way to my destination.

Been Pretty Dry I Guess
I arrived at my pit stop site, grabbed pizza, chips, pop, and a lot of other snacks to re-energize myself for the ride back home.  You would not believe what I found while heading back home?

Falls Is On It's Way
Gravel - There was not a lot of it but it was a fun climb anyways.  I believe I had driven that road about 6 years ago or so.  It went in between private hunting grounds and would not be accessible come winter time.  I even found access to the Finger Lakes Trail in this area.  Did not lead very far but I need to grab the maps to explore more of it!
I Found Gravel In Western New York
 Made one last stop for some Pepsi and more snacks that I had with me.  I should have grabbed another slice of pizza across the street but I wanted to see how Davie G rolls with the vending machine stops in the middle of Iowa.
My BMC Monster Cross At Rest
The BMC treated me well today and I sure slept very sound last night.

By the way there are still 4 days of Commuter Sponsorship Openings available!  Drop me a line if you are interested.

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  1. Bill, sounds like you had a great ride! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect