Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Photo Dump

I went to do a blog last week but it would not let me sign in and I forgot what it was going to be about so I will just do a photo dump.  Weather has been rainy, cold, foggy, sunny, warm, and a mixture of all of them on any given day.  One thing it has not been is close to Hot and I am missing that right now.  It is almost Memorial Day and we had the wettest Mar-May ever in history and will add to our totals again tomorrow and the weekend with more rain.

I hope I am not around the next time we break this record!!!!  Enjoy the photos!  I just realized I have more at home on the other laptop and that is where I was going to post from.  Maybe I will add some more later but here are some fog and no wind/sun pictures of the Lake Erie Lakefront area.

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  1. Geeepers all that rain can bring the ride times down. Great pictures as always.