Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Hanging Out in Buffalo

There has not been any sunshine in the past week so that means there have not really been very good photo opportunities since I leave for work in the dark and by the time I get home if I ride it is dark again!

With the time change this week I am looking forward to needing my lights only in the morning, longer days, less time spent at work, and more time spent on the bike!  It has been a blase past week or two and I am excited that I get to hit California and Colorado next week for work.  There should be some sunshine sprinkled in there somewhere - I PRAY!!!

This weekends forecast is similar to the past couple of weeks forecast - rain, wind, snow and whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw our way.  I rode to work on Wednesday and I really should not have.  I ended up calling in the SAG wagon 1/2 way home because I was being blown all over the place with 30+mph wind gusts.  Not one of my brighter rides that I can recall!

Well enjoy your week.  Blogging will be a minimum next week unless I do a California photo dump :)

Get out there and ride your bike!!!!


  1. O, me too. Glad to see the extra hour of daylight after work, been waiting for this.
    Have fun in Ca and Co.

  2. Hope you're getting some sunshine this week!

    I'm also enjoying not needing to use my lights. :)