Sunday, May 1, 2011

Long Overdue Post

So do I do a vacation photo dump?

Or do I do a weekend photo dump?

I am tired from driving just under 4000 miles over 9 days of vacation and then losing lots of sleep volunteering at TransIowa and then getting home very late the next evening (Easter Eve) and finally having to get my daughter to church at 7:00am to practice her Easter Song.  I am recovering but after this post - a nap is on tap because the weather is crap (again!)

So I will do a weekend recap photo dump and will get the vacation pictures out this week:

The sun was out yesterday for the first time in a long time.  We had record rainfall in April and hopefully that is it but May is starting out the same way April did - WET!

When your route includes Hill in the street name - you know you are in for a hill!  This is the road that leads to the top of a local ski area, Kissing Bridge, just for reference on elevation gain.  Not like Rocky Mountain High climb but steep enough and long enough to let you know you are climbing!

When you get to the top though you are rewarded with some great views and fast downhills!

Sunday was great - my daughter sang with her friend accompanying her on piano and then the grand crest of the whole weekend, month, year, life (maybe not this but still awesome!)

My son got baptized at church today!  I recorded the whole thing and took stills of the other candidates but need to wait for my friend to send me stills of his baptism to show off to the world.  He is quite the young man, and my daughter is quite the young woman as well.  They are like most kids and make me crazy at times but I would not trade with anyone in the world and if you heard the words our pastor said about Jake, you would understand what I mean.

Have a great day and if it wasn't 30mph winds and rain I would be out riding - so you go out and ride for me!

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  1. Geepers, busy, busy, busy. Time for Bill to have some dedicated 'play time' :-)