Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunny Day Off Bike Ride

What a sunny day.  Notice how I didn't say warm or hot.  But after the past 2 weeks of rain that we have had - I will take sunshine!

Took the Mukluk out with the new 29'er wheel set on it and hit the hills.  Slow and steady just like I was riding over the Continental Divide 100+ times next June by chance!  Only time will tell.

Here are the photos - Enjoy - I know my Vitamin D levels did!!!!

Ski Area Snowmaking Water Supply

What a view huh???

Found a Bird Sanctuary I have never seen before and 18 Mile Creek

Tulips are still blooming - shows you have poor of a spring we have had

Mukluk with Project 123 Blue Anodized Stans No Tube Rims - all Blue and Pretty

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  1. The MukLuk LQQKs good with the 'skinnies' :-)