Friday, September 23, 2011

You Can Sponsor My Daily Commutes

A photo from my daily commute to work

People sometimes ask me what I think about when I am riding my bike so much (most don't ask because they are afraid to know what is really going on inside my mind and I can see why!).  Today on the way into work I had a genius idea come to mind.  I was thinking about a computer friend Kevin who was in a pretty bad bike crash last weekend doing a race and the fact that he is going to be off his bike for a while recovering.  I didn't really want to commute today because it is supposed to be wet this evening on my way home and then I thought hey Kevin can't ride even if he wanted to - you need to step up to the plate Bill and ride anyways.  I have rain gear and fenders and I surely won't melt.  So I rode!

Now onto the idea:

I am selling my commutes to the highest bidder.  I only have 4 slots open right now because a BT'er Bopper was in a pretty bad crash last weekend and I am setting 1 commute aside a week in support of his recovery.
This leaves any business owners/entrepreneurs with 4 other days to chose from.  In return for your contribution here is what you and/or your company will receive:
1 - I will post a thread thanking your and/or your company the day you sponsor.  I can highlight what your products/services are and help spread the word about you around BT.
2 - I will post a blog post on my blog which will copy #1 listed above.
3 - If you have logos/stickers I will put them on my panniers/backpacks/clothes to advertise your company while I ride to and from work.  Most days I am on the bike around 2 1/2 + hours so that is a lot of face time for your company.  Some days it is even longer - yesterday I rode for over 4 hours (but don't tell Jane please :) )
4 - In my training log I always start the blog out Commute #___ - Then I will add sponsored by _______________________.  Sort of like the Rose Bowl sponsored by Citi or Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium.  It is pretty common practice today so I think you get the idea.
5 - If, by chance, you want to purchase a pre-designed bike with decals and all your company stuff on it and ship it to me - that bike will be ridden the day of your sponsored commute.

The only reason I wouldn't commute on a particular day is travel for work but I will still post information about you weekly.  There might be some serious weather issues that I don't commute because of either but those are limited in the Buffalo, NY area.  And I believe that with sponsorships being sold that will only drive me to commute even more.  You could 30+ days a year of advertising if you went with the annual deal.  More if you chose to pick up others days as well.

I am willing to sell it by the week, month, or annually (this is where the bike would come in handy for you (and me) - I prefer a Gates Belt Drive setup so you can prep the frame with that in mind.

Many photos will be posted of your logos as well on my Facebook page as well.

E-mail me via my blog if you are interested.  I am open to discuss rates.

Thanks in advance (and yes this is what my brain contemplates on the bike at times).

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