Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally A Snowbike Ride - But Probably the Last!

As you can see from the picture traffic is dwindling down on the trails.  On this section it was me and nothing else except ruts and ice.  Made pretty good time anyways!

The park section was more traveled and more frozen ground.  Made for quicker travel than I had made on the Mukluk so far but I know the season is coming to an end unfortunately!

A frozen/thawing feeder creek that I rode by as I hit pavement to get to a different snowmobile trail section.  That section ended up being a whole lot of pushing compared to the other sections I was on earlier!

This was the view from last Sunday's ride so at least we had some snow cover this week but not for long.

Oh well had a great time and got to ride the Mukluk so that all makes for a good time!

Have a great day and get outside and enjoy the late winter sunshine!

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