Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowbike Arrival

So what does someone that lives in Western New York where the winters are long and harsh and snow is generally in abundance do for fun?  Well I used to take my Bianchi MUSS out on the trails with the 2.35" tire and pray that the weather had been cold enough and the groomer had been by early enough that the trail was easy to pedal on.  Generally neither were the case so I walked and pushed in various areas.  Not always "fun" but I never complained because I was outside and loving the elements.

Then Salsa came out with a new bike - The Mukluk.  Surly has the Pugsley and Fatback is the original setup from the men up Alaska way.  I had contemplated getting one before but never pulled the trigger until now.

In all her glory - on the trails - her passion
I found my size from a shop in Minnesota and pulled the trigger.  It took a couple of days to get all the parts in, and then a couple of more to ship her my way, but she arrived Monday afternoon.  I pulled her into the garage, put the frame in the bike stand, and put the pieces together.

The Nighttime sky towards Hamburg/Eden/Lake Erie
I had to run to the airport to pick the wife and daughter up from their Florida adventure and then returned home to add the finishing touches - pedals and the new Salsa Minimalist Rack to the front.

Snowmobile Trail by my house
The sun had gone down, the temperature was dropping, the kids were off to run around, the wife was heading to a wake, and I headed down the trails in my bliss.  Did a quick, well quick for a snowbike that weighs in around 40 pounds loaded and then adding me to the mix puts in over 220 fully clothed for nighttime winter riding, 10 mile ride out through Chestnut Ridge Park and did the same ride the next morning after we received some new snowfall.
My foot next to tire track (and these were inflated fairly high at this point
I learned new snowfall is not always good unless someone had packed the trail down before you but I still had a blast!

I wonder what the cars all think as they see me cross roads and dive into the woods?  I know what I am thinking - Thank You Lord!

This weekend will be a long ride to really test her out.  Have a great day and get out there and do something fun!

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