Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunset over Lake Erie

So as I walked to my car yesterday after work I looked over towards Lake Erie and saw this huge pink ball setting in the sky.

I had no where to be right away and I figured a couple of minutes shooting some pictures isn't going to delay me that long because traffic would lighten up.

So as soon as the car warmed up a little (it was about 15 degrees or so out) I headed down to the marina which was 2 minutes away.  I figured the car would warm up further while I contemplated which shots to take of the beautiful sunset.

I jumped out of the car, climbed over the snow bank, and walked to where I could zoom in a little tighter.

The 2nd picture looks like the clouds are evaporating right in front of the sun.  It is hard to see in these photos but last night it looked amazing.

Well I hope you are having a great week.  Rode to work today and hoping that the wind dies down this evening or it is going to be a 2+ hour commute.  Nothing wrong with that either - the house will be empty by the time I get home either way - Wednesday nights are busy around these parts.

Get out there and burn some calories - it truly is fun :)

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