Monday, February 7, 2011

How I spent Superbowl Sunday

The Crossroads at Chestnut Ride Park

Off into the woods

Isn't she purrrrddddyyyyyyy???

The long lonely road

The author

Night time skiing at Sprague Brook

Kissing Bridge Ski Area Night Operations

Dark outside

Relaxing/Stretching next to the wood burner - so comfy

As you can see I am not devoted to the Superbowl by any means.  After church I had 1 errand to run, went home, fueled up, and got the Mukluk out.  I was worried about the temps and soon learned I was right on.  Soft snow=tired legs  Spinning, mashing, walking - I did anything to keep moving and the soft snow made bike riding very difficult.

I don't care though - I am tired and sore today but man what a blast this bike is!

So after I refueled again and took the kids to their superbowl party I headed off to ski at Sprague Brook for a couple of hours.  The trail was well used since it was a great weekend to be outside so I tried to hit powder as much as possible.  With the warmth came a thaw and then a freeze so that means crusty conditions.

Not a great "snow" weekend but cold temps are blowing in so hopefully the trail will harden up again.

Have a great day and get out there and do some fun stuff!

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  1. Those trail and snow pictures look about like it does here. We need some compaction. It sure is fun though to ride the winter.