Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Got up early on Saturday morning after a cold night out and hit the snowmobile trail.  I am still learning about snow conditions and proper tire inflation so I did a quick adjustment when I first got to the trail and headed off.  They had groomed the trail the day before after our little 6-8" storm we had and the snow was fast and fun.

The sun was just beginning to rise up after a couple of minutes on the trail so the camera became "at the ready".

This is the barn at the local county park that is about 1/4 of the way into my out course.  I didn't have all day long because it was the final day for our annual church basketball league and I had an awards ceremony to get to.

The rising sun warmed the temperatures up - too much as a matter of fact - and the morning became glorious like usual.  I was making probably the fastest time I ever have on the Mukluk and then once I hit the turn around point and made it back to the park area some ATV'ers really messed up the primo snow conditions.

This is what a bunch of hardcore racers up in Alaska are seeing right now well without the houses and trees for the most part.  And I doubt they are going to see low 20's temperatures either!

If I cropped this properly and did away with the tracks on the edge of the picture you might not be able to tell if it was snow or the clouds from a plane with the sun hitting them.  I love the sparkles of the snow granules at the really cold temperatures and blazing sunshine!

I know I said the last ride was probably the last ride but I have a feeling this one is.  It is now March 1 (tomorrow), we hit 40+ degrees with rain all day long, and we don't generally get heavy snow this time of the year.  Hopefully I am jinxing myself but I have other bikes waiting to be ridden and will make due with whatever temperatures and conditions Mother Nature sends to me.

Have a great week and get out there on your bike!  Fun times to be had by all!

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  1. I'm thinking so too. I cleaned and lubed the FatBack up good tonight. Thinking she maybe done until sometime in November when the snow fever startes again. I am looking forward to the feeling of 'flying' again on a bike, CX or road.