Friday, November 19, 2010

Bike Tour Memories

Marina - Grand Rivers, KY
 I just found out about a photo contest on Adventure Cycling website.  That is the "touring" guru website in American Touring and where Todd bought the maps for our ride on the Underground Railroad.  So I decided I could submit a couple of photos just because.  I don't think I have a shot at winning - there are some amazing photos already submitted that make me wish I was there right now - but hey it isn't about winning it is about remembering!

The photo above was taking riding into Grand Rivers, KY after riding through the Land Between Lakes in Tennessee.  The only place where you can ride on land in between 2 lakes and not see either of them until you get to the end of the day.  But is was a beautiful day on the bike, after we dodged the huge rainstorm (Thanks Pastor Ray again) and before I found out my bar end shifters were going out on me.

Photo says it all :)
Seems we have a general picture theme today - Rain.  The guys at Century Cycles, Peninsula, OH took this picture and we headed off to the restaurant across the parking lot on a recommendation.  I cannot remember the name but I remember the burger.  Out of this world.  Of course as we are finishing up lunch a huge storm rolled through so we stayed a while longer.  We then headed out and pushed hard to our hotel (uphill about 5-6 miles away) and proceeded to get drenched before we got there.  Good times!!!

Lake Erie - Almost home
And the final photo of the day - Lake Erie on our final day riding home.

It was a great time on the bike.  I wish everyone could experience that type of an adventure at some point in their life.  I know we had some down times - but I don't remember any of them and can only remember the awesome blessing of God and His companionship.

Have a great weekend and get out there and ride your bikes, or walk in the park, or run in the woods, or just play with your kids!

It is almost Thanksgiving - let's show our thankfulness to the One who Created it all!

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