Friday, November 12, 2010

My Commute Home From Work

The sun was out in full force yesterday on my ride home.  I cannot believe the great weather we are having for November in Buffalo, NY.  I am excited about the snow, but this is just spectacular!!!!

The first photo is where the OLD Memorial Auditorium used to stand.  Who knows what will replace it but it is nice to see the city being proactive for once and getting rid of a building that wasn't going to be used ever again.  In real cities the building would have been down as soon as possible to make parking for the new arenas going up right next door (which is where the HSBC Center is as well)  Oh well I don't dwell on Politics in here so time to look at some more photos.

This is Ralph Wilson Stadium - Home to the Buffalo Bills and yesterday the local High School Football Playoffs.  That has to be pretty cool to get to play in an NFL stadium in high school and it is awesome the team allows the opportunity.

The sun getting ready to drop behind Murphy Farm (established sometime in the early 1900's I believe).  As you can see from the grade of the meadow that this is where my uphill journey begins.

The sun is almost gone and I am almost home.  At this point I had reached the altitude that my house sits at and I had a roller 2 mile ride home to wrap it up.  I was so glad to catch the sun at some many different points yesterday!

I had some pink sky photos but they were not good so hopefully this afternoon I can sneak out and try for that color again.  The sky was amazing last night and I hope you have as much fun looking as I did snapping!

Have a great weekend - I am riding some dirt later on today.  It has been a while and I need to get dirty before a cross race tomorrow :)

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