Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sun

This is a fun time of the year for me because the sun starts to rise when I am on my way into work and if I time it right I get some pretty cool Sun shots.  Today's was taken from the 9th floor of the Liberty  Building in Downtown Buffalo and shooting North.  The Sun was blasting its way up and I just thought this lighting was pretty cool.

I would have done some different shots but the window would not stay up on its own so I had to hold it with one hand and shoot with the other hand.  Not real conducive to good photography.

The weather has been awesome this week.  I am on my 3rd day of commuting this week and am planning on sneaking a 4th one in tomorrow and possibly a cross race on Saturday.  My legs are not real happy with me - I think they went into winter mode where I might ride as many days but just not as far.  But I am making them come back to life!

Hopefully the Sun and The Son is shining in your life right now.  Soak it all in!!!!

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