Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Storm Is A Brewing

Back in May 2008, 2 of my friends (and my Senior and Associate Pastor at church) and I completed the Nissan Buffalo Marathon.  Since that time I have run but never more than 5 or so miles.  Running is a quicker workout than biking so I get by pushing out 3 quick miles when I don't have time to ride the bike for 20 or 30 (or more).  At the end of the day I love biking and enjoy running but my mind is contemplating something involving running right now.

It is early in the planning stages and would not start until 2012.  I need to give myself a whole year of dedicated running in 2011 to see if it is at all even possible.  I will know more by mid-year on how my body is reacting to the training and how I am doing mentally preparing for this endeavour.

I know this thought - that if God is in agreement with me then 2012 and 2013 should be quite interesting years to say the least!

The weather has turned on me around here so not much biking.  I have some awesome photos from my ride last Friday but keep forgetting to post them.  We don't have abundant snow in the forecast but I will leave you with this picture from Sequoia National Park last year around this time!

Have a great week and get outside and enjoy natural Vitamin D :)  It is the greatest vitamin you can receive!

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  1. I originally was a competive runner, before powerlifting, long distance swimming, and biking, running was the best buzz. Only because I blew my knee out and after 4 surgeries, I could no longer run. Biking has been good for me, but running I would if I could.