Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go Find Your Snow Canopy

Kissing Bridge Last Winter
 Well I definitely have winter on the brain right now.

Snow Canopy at Sprague Brook
 The Snow Canopy picture is one of my all time favorites.  It was taken just after a nice 8-10" snowfall and I was the first one in the park that morning.  I got to make all fresh tracks all over the park.

Don't you find it funny that you can remember all the finite details about a day like that, but I cannot remember where I put my keys or wallet or cell phone.  I have an idea as to why that is - mundane exercises in life are done on auto pilot because we truly don't want to do them (I left my cell phone off this morning until around 9:00am because I just forgot about it) and it takes just a second for us to realize that there is something so much more waiting for us out there (Like a Snow Canopy waiting to be explored by ski or foot or maybe even bike!).

Last week, in one of my wake up times that I have been having lately, I was talking with God about His creation and all the cool stuff around it.  I was honest and said you know God "IF" I was going to question you at any point it would be the point of how in the world did You do all this awesome work?  I was very clear and said "IF" and let it go at that I was in shock of His Awesome Splendor.  Sunday's message at church started off about God's Creation as we start to learn about His Covenants with the Israelites and now us through His Son Jesus Christ.  I just chuckled to myself and just said quietly - I was only saying "IF" I doubted You - because I don't :)

Go out and find your Snow Canopy today.  Mundane exercises in life will do nothing but make you tired and bored with life.  There is so much more - and most likely you can find it on a bike :)

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