Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday in the Park

I ran a couple of errands this afternoon and headed out on the Bianchi M.U.S.S. for some snow trail riding at the park.  The snow was melting and there had been a lot of foot traffic but it did not matter because it was a beautiful day to play on the bike.  I cannot wait for the Mukluk and more snow but the M.U.S.S. is a much harder workout I am sure!

The sun was shining bright but it was pretty cool with the wind chill.  It didn't matter though because I was living the "High Life" and just riding for fun.  I had almost 500 miles on the bike this November so that tells you we had some pretty good weather.

I cannot wait for the temps to be about 5-10 degrees and the sun shining this brightly because it just puts you in such a great spot.

This cemetery is on my regular route but today I stopped and took a couple of photos.  I got passed by another cyclist at this spot today - something I was not expecting to see for sure.  Most people in this neck of the woods have put their steeds away for the winter and don't know what they are missing!  I am glad because I love the solitude!

Well this is the trail home when the snow allows it to be.  I just took the picture for a comparison to happen in 2-3 months!

Happy Trails and Have a great Holiday Season that started with Thanksgiving!

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  1. That sure looks like nice riding. We haven't had any snow cover yet.