Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Bike Tour Pictures - Our Homecoming

Our #1 Fan - Todd's Mother
 Well I finally scored some photos from our reunion at the church when we finished our bike tour.  I just had to share them.  The above picture was after I got scolded from Todd's mother (playing around) and her sister's were loving it :)

I could not believe how tan we were and I also could not believe how cool it was.  I was talking to my wife Jane last night and she said it wasn't cold, it was July.  I reminded her that I had been riding in 100 degree weather for almost 1 month and 60+ degrees was quite cold.  The light weight Twin 6 jacket that I had was perfect for the weather!  Thanks Twin 6 for making awesome stuff!!!

Todd and his son Levi (daughter Jaimee is off to the side as well)
The ride to Buffalo from Erie was the easiest 100+ mile ride I will ever do in my life.  Talking about endorphins rushing around.  I truly enjoyed the tour but it was nice to be home with the family as well.  It took a couple of weeks (maybe months) to get re-acclimated to real life, but things are at an awesome point with God, family, and friends!

The final time we have ridden together since that day (at least as well as I can remember and I am pretty sure I am right).  It was an awesome time and one that will never be forgotten.  I am trying to pay homage to it in word format right now but that will be a long slow process which could take months or even years!


I have a secret mission next week that I will try and post some photos of and see if you can tell where I am!

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